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    Community and more......

    Nic is the owner and creator of Jarra Infusion and has lived in the area for the past 37 years.
    She opened the café in 2015 and the concept was based on her love of creating and bringing the community together. She tries to do this through food, art, design, gardening and music. The Jarra infusion team is very much a big family. They share ideas, work together and also look out for one another. That goes for our café guests too.

    Growing up, her Mum and Dad had this strong sense of community about them and it was instilled in her from a young age. Nic remembers her Mum always volunteering locally and her Dad would speak about bringing communities together and uniting people. This is what she tries to do at Jarra Infusion - build a place where its character is an energy that makes people feel welcome and accepted, just free to be themselves and enjoy the space. Nic is really passionate about it and wants people to feel this sense of inclusion when they come to Jarra. As Nic says :

    “Sometimes life can be a bit isolating and if we can make Jarra Infusion somewhere that people from all walks of life feel accepted, it makes the hard work worth it”.

    More often than not you will catch Nic in a fairy outfit contributing to or hosting some type of community related event. She is an active member in many groups including the Murray Business Support Group, Pinjarra Community Garden, Peel Says No To Violence, Pinjarra Connect and The Pinjarra Court House. Nicole also fundraises at Jarra Infusion for the Pinjarra Community Garden and for Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona.

  • Pinjarra Community Garden

    Is a place where people come together to grow fresh food, to learn, relax and make new friends in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment, with a focus on organic and sustainable production.
    The Pinjarra Community Garden is a place where the wider Pinjarra community can meet, encouraging valuable social roles for a diversification of people within our wider community. Through the use of the universal understanding of nature and gardening to transverse the barriers of generations and culture, Pinjarra Community Garden is an inclusive environment where knowledge is valued and shared by all

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    Please connect with Pinjarra Community Garden on Facebook by clicking on their logo

  • ‘Pinjarra Connect’

    Is working towards activating the Pinjarra Town Centre through creating a street environment where innovative ideas and projects bring the community together, inspire others and contribute to a vibrant, diverse and unique Pinjarra experience.

    People and actions transform towns and places. Great 'places' are created when people have a strong emotional connection, feel a sense of belonging and want to live, work, visit and return.

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    Please connect with Pinjarra Connect on Facebook by clicking on their logo

  • Greener Pastures Sanctuary

    Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a not for profit Farm Animal Rescue located in Waroona. We are in the midst of setting up our new property so that we can not only take in many more animals in need, but open to the public, including school groups.

    We aim to promote a healthy, cruelty free lifestyle and give people an opportunity to connect with animals that are all too often known as nothing more than 'food'.

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    Please connect with Greener Pastures Sanctuary on Facebook by clicking on their logo

  • Pay it Forward - Create a Ripple

    Why pay it forward?

    Acts of kindness build exponentially in a community and because
    people believe that one good deed deserves another, “Paying it
    forward” can make the world a better place.


    Being kind helps you feel in control. By doing a good deed, you're
    saying,'Here's something I can do to change the world.’


    There is mental health and physiological benefits to both the
    recipient and the giver of the kindness.


    The card is a visual/physical reminder that people can leave with
    the recipient of the kindness and they can then “pay it forward.”


    Let’s foster children’s civic engagement in the local community.


    By varying the acts of kindness—volunteering at a library one day and
    hosting a surprise party for a friend the next, for instance—has been
    shown to cause bigger increases in mood than repeating the same act
    over and over. So brainstorm creative, unexpected good deeds and
    have fun “paying it forward”.


    The “pay it forward” movement is not a new concept. According to
    Wikipedia, it dates all the way back to 317 BC where it was used as a key
    plot concept for a play in ancient Athens. There are small documented
    events of the “pay it forward” notion throughout history; however, it became
    a widely popular concept after the 2000 movie of the same name, which was

    based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde.


    Cards are available at Jarra Infusion for a silver coin donation with profits going to Greener pastures.

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