• Food is best, when it is fresh

    Our wholesome range of hand made food caters for most dietary, allergy and food lifestyle requirements with our menu incorporating multiple choices for vegan, vegetarian, omnivores, paleo, keto, sugar free, gluten free and more.

    Our café food is predominantly handmade on premises whilst also supporting local small businesses that produce jams, pickles and diabetic deserts.

    We source all our fresh produce from small local businesses Leanne and Gary’s Ravenswood Fresh and Double Creek Pasture Eggs.

    When produce is seasonally available the Pinjarra Community Garden also supplies Jarra Infusion.

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    We cater for most dietary requirements

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  • Kids

    Check out our kid friendly backyard and food menu.

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    Kids can go on magical journey in our backyard

    Kids can stay occupied in the sand pit and in our fantastic cubby house.

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    Eat with our locals furry friends

    Jarra Infusion has a great range of furry, feathered and scaly friends who come to visit.

    Our possum family, kookaburras, egrets, magpies, crows, ducks, native geese, large skinks, frogs and native Muridae’s (native mice) live wild in the surrounding area and pop in to say hello

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    Outdoor sandpit and chalkboard wall cubby

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    A place where you never get bored

    Kids will find something healthy here too