• Jarra Infusion

  • A little history.....



    Jarra Infusion came about through Nic’s love of creating and bringing the community together.

    Thus building a place where its character is an energy that makes people feel welcome and accepted, just free to be themselves and enjoy the space. This strong sense of community is what drives the Jarra infusion ethos of community development and local government and business partnerships.

    Jarra Infusion opened in late 2016 with 3 staff members and has grown over the past 4 years to 22 members. They all contribute their individuality, energy and inspiration, which helps make this place the vibrant, and ever changing, inclusive place it is.



    The buildings and seating area grew gradually as needed. Initially there was the small heritage building, a small toilet and some grassed area directly behind.

    Approximately 6 months later, Nic realised that the business would need some more indoor space for the winter periods and began the concept of the back room. Due to the heritage nature of the brick building, some creativity (supplied by Nic) and ingenuity (supplied by her dad, Ross) was needed to create a room that was draught free, cozy in winter and cool in summer….. a stand alone room made from a patio and pivoting doors was built.

    This was fantastic, winter was warm, but then Nic realised “what happens when the weather is good and we just built a room on our lovely lawn”. So, as happens at Jarra infusion, some out of the box thinking by one of the local musicians, Chris, bought about an idea of leasing the land next door and creating a new outdoor area. Lastly another toilet was needed and it was through this process that it became evident that there was a whole other parcel of land that belonged to the Jarra Infusion lease that could be turned into another garden area and yyiipppeee….a second garden was created.


    Like with any new business, it has sometimes felt like an uphill battle both financially and emotionally for owner/creator Nic. She has shared laughter, tears, hyperventilation and joy with all the staff members and open/friendly customers. 4 years in, she sees that every emotion and every second has been worth it, for this amazing community/space and business.



    We have been very blessed from the start with beautiful customers who share their love of Jarra infusion thus helping the Café to organically grow. Their joy and openness in being part of Jarra can be seen in the connections with their loved ones over a cuppa; laughter, tears, cuddles. We feel so very grateful for their generosity, produce, creative nik naks, tablecloths; things that mean something to them that need a good home or bringing in their handmade creations to sell. It is has been important that people to feel a sense of inclusion when they come to Jarra. Sometimes life can be a bit isolating and if we can make Jarra Infusion somewhere that people from all walks of life feel accepted, it makes the hard work worth it.

  • Winner of Restaurant Guru 2023 Award

    Jarra Infusion Certificate of Excellence Award

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    Best Cafe Award

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    Best Outdoor Seating Award